Coaches Corner #7 - Post Season Wrap-Up


In this week's installment of Coach’s Corner brought to you by The WrestlingVault.com, we discuss ways for high school coaches to bring closure to their season and also how to prepare for the following year.

Upcoming Topics

  • Weight Lifting program - In season and Out of Season
  • Marketing 101 for your program!  Promoting wrestling in your community.

Post Season Wrap-Up

Year End Wrestling Survey

  • Mitch will use a Google form and a 1-10 rating scale and will ask questions like:
    • Were you pleased with your performance this year?
    • Were you pleased with the attention you received from the coaching staff?
    • Did you feel like you were an asset to our program?
    • Were you happy with the wrestle-off policy?
    • Were you happy with the non-wrestling activities that our team took part in?
    • Were you satisfied with the number of matches you wrestled?
  • Ask wrestlers to be brutally honest. Mitch then collects that data, reviews it with his coaching staff, and then creates a plan to improve for the upcoming year.

Senior Exit Interviews

  • R.J. holds an in-person exit interview with his Seniors just before his banquet. Each interview is about 10 minutes or so in length and R.J. will ask questions like:
    • What did you think of our fundraisers? What ones did you like and what ones did you not like?
    • How did you feel about our competition schedule?
    • How did you feel about our training throughout the year?
    • How did you feel about your conditioning?
    • What is the most important thing you learned while being a part of our program?
    • What is the most important thing that our program should continue?
    • What would you change about our program?
    • What are your thoughts about our coaching staff?
    • Mental Training: how do you feel we did as a staff preparing you mentally?
  • Importance of doing the interview in person with Seniors: They are not afraid to say how they feel because they are done with the program and have a new found perspective on their experience over the last 4 years.

Coaches Meeting

  • Hot Wash - Debrief: R.J. holds a coaches meeting the same day as the Senior exit interviews to review the last season while it is fresh in the minds of his coaching staff.
    • The Lowell coaching staff will review techniques, practice plans, the schedule, etc. and find out what they thought worked well and what needs to be changed.
  • Off-Season Planning
    • Create a plan for what they will do in the off-season to prepare for the upcoming year.

College Recruiting

  • R.J. and Mitch will have conversations with some of their wrestlers that had a good season/career and might be interested in wrestling at the next level. If a wrestler has an  interest in wrestling at the next level, R.J. and Mitch will reach out to college coaches and try to help their wrestlers through the recruiting process. 
  • Recruiting Questionnaires
    • Mitch has each of his Juniors go to the websites of the wrestling colleges they are interested in attending, find the recruiting questionnaire (all wrestling colleges have them), and then fill it out. It is important to get on the coaches’ radar at this time. 


  • Mitch uses his banquet as an opportunity to give all of his underclassman a flyer that discusses the opportunities that his program will provide in the off-season. 
  • R.J. uses the banquet as a tool to bring closure to the season and to the careers of his seniors. It’s also a way for the seniors to give advice to the underclassman through their Senior Speeches.
    • Senior Speeches: R.J. says that this is the highlight of his banquet. He helps each senior with their speech. He makes sure each speech is short and concise and that they come to the banquet prepared.
  • Unique Awards
    • Mitch and R.J. use unique awards to give recognition to athletes that might not otherwise have received any formal honors. This is a way to further the positive, encouraging culture they are trying to create in their programs. They do this by recognizing hard work at all levels; not just on the wrestling mat and in practice room, but in someone who is dedicated, kind, and committed to the program. Mitch likes to name an award after a wrestling alumni, which brings things full circle and keeps past wrestlers and families as an integral part of the wrestling program.
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