Coaches Corner #6 - Pre Match Routine


In this week's installment of Coach’s Corner brought to you by The WrestlingVault.com, we discuss how to properly prepare your team and individuals for a match.

Upcoming Topics

  • Weight Lifting program - In season and Out of Season
  • Marketing 101 for your program!  Promoting wrestling in your community.

Importance and Purpose of a Pre-match warm-up routine

  • A pre-match warm-up/routine will help build confidence for your wrestlers. Mitch discusses what he did in college and why he brought that routine to his high school athletes.
  • On-site weigh-in: When you have your program warm up before an onsite weigh-in for an individual tournament it can bring confidence to your athletes knowing that they are warming up properly before a tournament. 
  • Having a baseline: Having a routine that you do before all of your matches or tournaments gives your athletes something to gage the way they are feeling that day. Mitch discusses being able to step in and talk with an athlete if a coach notices something is off with a particular wrestler.
  • Leadership: There are many times when a coach will show up to an event and chaos happens and the coach is not able to be with his team before the event starts. If there is a routine already in place for your program you can depend on your captains or upperclassmen to step up and lead the pre-match workout.

What does a pre-match routine look like?

  • R.J. - 
    • Warm Up: Have your athletes get their heart rates up with a mixture of bouncing, jumping jacks, fast feet, high knees, butt kicks, etc.
    • Stretch: Have your athletes go through their stretch routine
    • Bottom: Coach Boudro starts his team on bottom nice and easy and they will work on specific techniques if necessary for a dual meet.
    • Top: Go through a routine of top breakdowns, tilts and turn and then finish with some lift and returns.
    • Neutral: Run through a routine of takedowns having your athletes focus getting to their takedowns.
    • Spar: Have your athletes go through a high intensity wrestling situation that should simulate a match. 
    • Sprints: Find an area in the gym or school to have your athletes run
  • Mitch
    • Footwork: jumping jacks, fast feet, foot fighters, twists, squat jumps, cartwheels
    • Hand Fighting: Getting to ties, elbow passes, snaps, pulls, 
    • Shots: #1’s, #2’s, Reshots, Two-shots
    • Top: Breakdown, forward pressures, tilts, pinning combos
    • Bottom: standups, leg slips, chop defense
    • Optional: Favorite 5 pt move, fight off back, mat strategy
    • Heart Rate: Sprints, footfighters, handfight, live, situations

Positive Talk

  • It is important for coaches to be active during the pre-match workout with positive talk and also helping his athletes with certain positions.

Individual Pre-match Routine

  • After your initial warm-up for the day your athletes will be responsible for getting themselves ready throughout the day. Coaches need to walk all of their wrestlers through a proper individual warm up.
  • Cheat Sheet - Teach your athletes how to be consistent by having them complete a pre-match routine cheat sheet. We have a template for you below.
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