Coaches Corner #20 - Top 10 Early Season Tips For Coaches

1. Recruit/Recruit/Recruit
  a. Freshmen Football
  b. PE Classes
  c. Basketball Tryouts
  d. Girls Wrestling!
2. Gather Athlete information/Google Form/
  a. Emails, Cell Phone Numbers, Grade
3. Expectations/Team Meeting
  a. Goals
  b. Expectations
  c. Rules/Less the better
  d. What are the Pillars to your program?
  e. Communication
4. Alpha Weigh-ins
  a. Options are good
  b. Hydrated
  c. Think about opening day 12/7
5. Plan, Plan, Plan:
  a. Use the wrestling vault
  b. Practice plans
    i. Less is better
    ii. Fundamentals: Penetration steps, Stance n motion, sprawls, standups
c. Practice Schedule: Share with parents, Holiday trips
  d. Transportation Needs
6. Team Retreats/Team Bonding
  a. Get to know your athletes
  b. Paintball, Bowling, Community Service (leaf pick up)
7. Meet the Team Night
  a. Media, School Board, Parents
  b. Social Media Pics
  c. Poster schedules/autographs
8. Order supplies:
  a. Mat tape, Mat Cleaner, Mops
  b. Jump Ropes, Rollers, Exercise Bands
  c. Whistles, Books, Notebooks, Journals
  d. Scale certification
  e. Med Kit, Nose Plugs, Tape, Mouthguards, Razors
9. Build a Cardio Base/Aerobic Base vs. Anaerobic
  a. Takes time to get athletes in shape
  b. Wrestling while extremely fatiguing leads to injuries
  c. Don’t scare off wrestlers
  d. Stance in Motion
10. Have Fun/Bring Great Energy
  a. Positivity/Optimism
  b. Coach creates the environment
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