Coaches Corner #14 - Bryan Medlin

Bryan Medlin, Director Of Operations- University of Illinois

:30- Coaching Journey to University of Illinois
● Washington High School, IL
● Zane Richards, Isaiah Martinez, Delgado
● Freestyle/Greco Passion
● Offered in 2016 to go to RTC delayed by Housefire

3:00- Hiring of Poeta at Illinois
● Illinois special bond
● Perfect fit at Perfect time
● Recruits that are excited about World and Olympic Wrestling
● Post collegiate goals are extremely important

5:15- Succession plan at Washington HS
● Making sure Washington HS was in good place
● Family still lives in hometown
● Kids go to school in District

7:30- Taking High Schoolers to Russia to train
● Not afraid to reach out to people
● First trip “Panic”
● Integral fabric and relationship with Russia Coach

11:40 Medlin speaks Russian
● Motivated by Dave Schultz
● Studies today everyday
● Wants to be able to communicate on personal level
● Speak at an eight year olds level
● Kyle Snyder and Terry Steiner is also learning Russian

9:00 “We have a great system here.”
● Young and talented
● State Dual Runner-ups, 3 Champs, 10 State Qualifiers, 5 State Placers all returning
● Great Coaching Staff (Roller, Gibbons, Douglas, Embry, Money, Evans)

11:15 “By the Way Bixby Football is a Program”
● Bixby Football Success
● Stadium
● Dual Sport Athletes
● Taking advantage of Strength and Conditioning Program

14:00 Freestyle/Greco Importance in High School
● Not that much different. Wrestling is wrestling.
● Teach your athlete a good lace or gut wrench
● Skill building and rules are much simpler than HS Folkstyle
● Good break for Folkstyle
● Wouldn’t wrestle Folkstyle after HS season

17:00 Do Wrestling Right
● If you do wrestling right your last match will be FS or GR.
● Incorporate Freestyle and Greco early

18:00 Transitioning to Folkstyle from Freestyle
● Mat wrestling from Neutral heavy
● Advanced riding skills take time
● Work on mat wrestling
● Leg Riding, Advanced crab riding
● Year long training schedule
● Top Camps “gives kids more confidence in overall scheduling”

20:30 Keys to Building a Program
● It takes time, a plan and support from other people
● Young staff: could commit time
● Loved the school and the sport of wrestling
● Kids want to be around people who are excited

22:25 “You can’t have an ego”
● Reaching out to HS Coaches
● Let go of your Ego.
● You can’t be afraid to ask for help

23:30 Put the Ego Aside
● “I try to read and steal”
● Youth or Olympic coaches
● Take something from others

25:15 Difference between College and HS
● Same conversations and questions
● Already bought in to the lifelong journey
● Put aside the egos and want to learn
● “Want to wrestle and get better”
● Run practices same was as I did in HS
● Build skill into practice
● Running notepad on phone
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