Coaches Corner #13 - Pre-Season Wrestling - Chris Williamson, Cornerstone University

Pre-Season Wrestling -  Chris Williamson, Cornerstone University

Chris started wrestling because his football coach in 7th grade told him to join wrestling to become a better football player. He got into wrestling to learn how to tackle people better. Chris grew up in Maryland and ended up taking 5th place in the state his senior year but knew that he wanted more with the sport of wrestling. The high school that he attended was not a “good” wrestling school as it was a first-year program.
Chris went to college to college in North Carolina but transferred after his first year to Messiah University in Pennsylvania for Coach Brunk. The teams he wrestled on placed 2nd and 3rd in the country and he gives credit to Coach Brunk and Messiah for laying his foundation in wrestling and coaching. 
Previous Coaching Experience
Chris had a job lined up to Coach at Messiah after graduating but Coach Brunk brought a grad assistant opportunity at Liberty University in Virginia, which is an NWCA participating school. Chris was a grad assistant for 2 years and earned his Master’s Degree and then was promoted to an assistant coach where he helped Liberty win 3 consecutive National Championships. He feels they would have won a 4th if they had the opportunity but were not able to compete that season due to COVID. 
Liberty University Wrestling is categorized as a club sport but operates closer to a Division 1 NCAA program with a stat of the art facility and full coaching staff. 
Chris met his wife by making the move from Messiah to LIberty, she being the daughter of Jesse Castro, head coach of Liberty University. He 
Cornerstone University - Inaugural year 
Chris received a text from his coach at Messiah, 6 years after last wrestling for him, that read “Do you want to move to Michigan?” Chris then looked into the job opening for the Cornerstone University Head Coaching position and went through the interview process and was offered the job. 
Chris talks about the amount of support he is receiving from the Cornerstone University administration. Wrestling is the only sport on campus that has its own facility, and that facility is completely brand new and state of the art. 
Cornerstone is an NAIA school that competes in Wolverine Hoosier Athletic Conference (WHAC) and has its sights set on competing against teams like Indiana Tech who is a perennial power. 

Coach Williamson talks about his love for wrestling being a team sport and looks forward to turning Cornerstone into a program that has a “team” culture. In his inaugural year, he will have 9 athletes competing.
The Cornerstone coaching staff is loaded! He has almost a 1:1 ratio of wrestlers to coaches in his first year which is extremely unique. 
Wrestling Vault
Coach discusses using The Wrestling Vault with his team and coaches, specifically using playlists and practice plans to help with practice efficiency. 

Coach Williamson’s Contact Info: [email protected]
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